10-Day Holistic Mind & Body Detox 

This Program is Designed to:

  • Help Rid Harmful Toxins from the body

  • Help Reduce Cravings

  • Help Balance Hormones

  • Improve Digestion & Absorption of Vital Nutrients

  • Burn Stubborn Fat

  • Boost Metabolism

  • Improve Immunity

  • Reduce to Toxic Load in Home

  • Help Create a Healthier Home

  • Create a Positive Mindset

  • And so much more!

What's Included:

  • 10-Day Success Manual

  • Registered Dietitian Approved Menu & Meal Guide

  • Grocery Shopping Guide

  • Delicious Recipes 

  • Private Facebook Group Access

  • Accountability Coaching

  • Daily Emails

  • Detox Checklist

  • Lots of Bonuses!

Client Testimonials

"I was able to loose 7 pounds, lower my blood . and my blood sugar to normal ranges, something I have been struggling with for months. I feel good, exercising. more, all from this detox." - Diana E.

"This program is exactly what I needed to kick-me back into shape and into a healthier lifestyle... Thank you Jennifer for your guidance and encouragement." - Josh S.

"I am so incredibly thankful for you! I feel so amazing. I am down 7 pounds and my brain fog is clear! I am sleeping so much better!" - Linda U. 

Next Group Starts September 14th  

"The 10-Day Detox was my breakthrough! I had been at the same weight for 6 weeks on my weightless journey. I dropped 5 pounds with the detox. The detox is totally doable. It showed me ways to eat things I don't think I liked- kale, avocados & raw kombucha. I have incorporated them into my diet in delicious ways! Thank you Jennifer for changing not just the way I look, but how I feel about myself and the way I feel- HEALTHY!" - Joyce W.



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