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Being a Nurse, I have witnessed countless patients and loved ones receive devastating health news. The worst part of all, most were preventable. While it’s likely that new diagnoses developed due to a lifetime of bad choices, I realized one thing - they didn’t know the basics and it wasn’t entirely their fault. 


Many were told, “you need to lose weight, you need to exercise and/or you need to eat right” but they lacked guidance, support and most importantly - the plan on HOW.


Some patients were left to figure it out on their own and they lacked the knowledge about how our bodies are supposed to work. There has been no solid information about how our bodies use the food we eat, so I saw them turning to non-scientifically backed information or the latest fad diet that claimed to be “healthy”. While these may have led to short term weight loss success, they weren’t sustainable and they are often not healthy. I saw these patients revert back to where they began, or worse, regress even further.


It wasn’t until I found myself as a patient in my own health scare that I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself and I certainly wasn’t following my own advice. I knew I needed to make a change not only for myself but I needed to set a better example for my children and those around me. 


I quickly noticed the positive impact that incorporating healthier changes had on my own personal family - from planning healthier meals, having more energy to be able to do more activities as a family, to having a more positive outlook on life. This new happier way of life opened my eyes to a much larger picture- a picture of a better future not only for our family but for the lives of many that are struggling just like we were. An opportunity to help bring families closer and live longer happier lives together. 


  • A vision to create a platform that would empower others with the knowledge they need to reach their goals from evidence-based strategies that are simple, yet highly-effective from a holistic approach

  • A vision that starts by helping moms and dads make healthier choices that would branch into their children's lives and then produce seeds of change for generations to come.

  • A vision to help others understand optimal health is never quick, fast or easy but if we take small, obtainable steps together in the right direction these positive changes can lead to compounding, sustainable results the right way-from the roots up.

  • A vision that the word "diet" will no longer be a part of our vocabulary because our healthier habits simply becomes a way of life. 

  • A vision believes that we are better together can make a difference in the lives of many.

Jennifer Jenkins has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years and is currently licensed in over 40 states. She is a Nationally Certified Health Coach, a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Aromatherapist,

& Certified Holistic Life Coach. She is also a Member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, President-Elect 2019-2020 of the Carrollwood Area Business Association as well as their Community Outreach Director and nominated and selected as a candidate for Tampa's 2020 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year campaign.

The Vision for Holistic Health