Healthy Together, powered by MEND is a brand new family-based program developed by Healthy Weight Partnership, Inc. which represents the world's largest non-profit organization that assists children and parents to overcome childhood obesity. Their MEND programs (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition.. Do it!) are the most researched programs in the world.

Their programs are evidence-based, delivered to groups, and include nutrition advice and physical activity, all powered by behavior change techniques.

Rooted Holistic Health Coaching

Rooted Holistic Health Coaching is a proud to be the first to bring their brand new Healthy Together family-based program to the Tampa Bay Area and to be an affiliate of Healthy Weight Partnership, Inc. In addition to this new partnership, we are also proud to partner with our local Community Food Pantry that is located at the Village Presbyterian Church in Carrollwood that will host our meetings and Fitness320 that will provide the exercise component. We are all working together to help fight childhood obesity and support families to live healthier and happier lives.

Key MEND highlights since 2000:

More than 130,000 children and parents supported. Evidence-based and outcome driven

Aligns with American Academy of Pediatrics, Dietary Guidelines for Americans and USPSTF Developed and evaluated by leading experts in child nutrition and psychology.

Worked with 15 respected academic institutions, resulting in more than 35 publications

Healthy Together 12 Week program

Healthy Together is a 12 week program designed for children ages 6-13 who are overweight or at-risk of developing obesity and must be accompanied by one parent or guardian. This program is activity-based along with an educational series that focuses on long-term lifestyle changes surrounding nutrition and behavioral change. Some topics include reading nutritional labels, understanding fats and sugars, goal setting, how to incorporate in physical activity and controlling external triggers. Future dates TBD



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